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Being pregnant is an interesting phase in every woman's life I must say, while you are pregnant a lot of changes occur in your body quite awesome right? Women tend to start craving for different things while pregnant, some crave for sweet things, salty foods, spicy foods, snacks, vegetables, ice creams, meat, fruits etc.Some women even crave for weird things like sand, paper ...Lol

Coco Austin, the wife of Ice-T who just took in, which I wrote about Here says;
“I crave fruit!” the model and TV host, 36, and when she’s dying for a fix, Austin isn’t picky about what shape it comes in: “A variety of fruit: honeydew, blueberries, pineapple,” says Austin, who’s expecting her first child with husband Ice-T. “I fantasize about a bowl of fruit. It’s so weird!”
But, she says, her mommy-to-be cravings aren’t throwing her too far off balance.
 “Even when I’m not pregnant, I usually have fruit in my diet.”
For me, her cravings are ideal, in fact for me I will encourage every pregnant woman to go more for fruits and vegetables and reduce the intake of carbohydrate into the system.Fruits are very good for your body and also good for the health and growth of the baby in the womb.

When I was pregnant for my angel, my first baby I craved for anything sweet and then I couldnt go a day without ogbono and okro soup hehe!
But when I was pregnant for my boys I craved spicy and salty foods, very weird but I sure enjoyed every moment of the journey.

So over to you mamas what did you crave for while you were pregnant?

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