A Germany-based photographer and a proud nursing mom of four Erin White created gorgeous group images like this one, which she shot in Germany, to inspire new mothers around the world about their body.
For such a natural body function, she said that breastfeeding sparks a lot of controversy and mixed emotions stares from strangers, body confidence issues in nursing moms themselves, and even a sense of guilt if a woman or her baby has trouble getting the hang of it.

Now as a proud mum she wants to transform breastfeeding from something considered shameful and often done behind closed doors to a celebrated, empowering, “indescribably beautiful” act.

Erin White, who hails from the United States and now lives in Germany, was inspired by the shot by photographer Stephanie Karr that had circulated among the women in White’s local breastfeeding support group earlier this year. 

Photo: Erin White Photography

“A number of women [in my group] expressed interest in doing something similar,” White tells Yahoo Parenting.

So far she has volunteered to spearhead a shoot, gathering 16 breastfeeding mothers and the 18 babies between them back in May, all posed outdoors in a field in Germany.
That photo became the first in a series called “Women in the Wild,” an ongoing project that has White traveling across the United States this summer and then Europe in the fall, organizing shoots of nursing moms either in groups or individually. The women are regular mothers of all shapes and sizes who volunteer to be part of the project, hoping to spread the message that breastfeeding is something to celebrate.Other moms were blown away by the sense of sisterhood, strength, and intimacy the photo conveyed. 

“The energy that is present at these shoots is indescribable,” says White. “There is such a feeling of empowerment and sisterhood. Everyone leaves feeling that they have taken part in something transformative. It certainly has been transformative for me.”

Photo: Erin White Photography

She said the feedback she’s got on her website and Facebook pages, where she posts the photos, has been very positive.
“One of the reasons I decided to go on tour was because I had so many interested moms,” says White. “I have had some negative feedback, of course, some really nasty, mean comments, but the positive emotional responses from mothers are the loudest voices by far.”

Source Yahoo

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