A woman needs to take good care of herself more after the delivery her bundle of joy. As she is weak and her body is not supportive to changes, the health of a woman can deteriorate after childbirth. Thus, it is very important to stay healthy after your delivery. This is one thing that a new mom can do to ensure good health after giving birth.  Here are some tips to stay healthy after delivery.

Some tips to help you stay healthy after delivery are:
1.Rest: Every new mum needs a lot of rest, from my experience you need to rest as much as possible because the baby sucks almost all through the night which makes it so difficult for you to rest at night, so during the day when the baby is fast asleep make sure you rest too. Be very careful if you have had a C-section delivery. This is one important tip to stay healthy in the postpartum state. As your body is weak post-delivery, you need to take enough rest. If you had a vaginal delivery, you just need rest too. However, women who go through C-section delivery have to be on bed rest at least for the first few weeks. If you walk or lie carelessly, the stitches might break or open up which will in turn hurt you seriously, and the pain will increase.

2. Practice meditation: Entering motherhood is very hectic. Having sleepless nights and caring for the newborn leads to stress. After delivery, chances of suffering from blood pressure is very common among women and yes I was a victim too, I had high blood pressure after I had my last baby but I never knew until I went for my 6 weeks checkup, they found out and I was immediately attended to, thank God am fine now, So, practice meditation. It relaxes your mind, flushes out toxins form the body and boosts up your immune system.

3. Breastfeeding: It is very important for a new mom to breastfeed the newborn. This is one of the tips to stay healthy after delivery. Many women avoid breastfeeding as it damages the shape of the breast. The first milk is very nutritious and important for the baby to grow healthy and strong. If you do not give the first milk, the baby can suffer from jaundice and malnutrition. Even the mother can suffer from acute breast pain. Skipping breastfeeding can build lumps inside the tissues of the breast and gradually lead to breast cancer. Am an advocate of exclusive breastfeeding? I breastfeed my babies exclusively for six months nonstop, after that they can start taking pap, solids etc.

4. Healthy diet: It is very important to follow a healthy diet during and after pregnancy. Especially after the delivery of your adorable, the body becomes weak. So you need take care of the dietary intake after delivery. To stay healthy, include foods that are nutritious and filling. Spinach, Proteins, broccoli, a lot of fluids intake like water, whole grains, fresh fruits and nuts are a must have.

These are some tips to stay healthy after delivery, I hope you all have learnt something from my little write up especially our first time mom and also our single ladies, please take note of all the important points mentioned above not forgetting our preggy mamas Lol…wishing you all a happy and safe delivery.

I would love to hear your birth stories, so feel free to send yours across to me, your baby pictures can also be sent in and he or she would be the face of the week…Let the fun begin, simply send me a mail at gistwithtessy@gmail.com and I will do justice to it.

Happy new week lovely people.
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