Children are indeed blessings from God, it's a very wonderful experience having your child in your arms after the nine months journey.Being a mum entails a lot of things, you have to be physically, mentally and financial stable to be able to take good care of your little one.

The joy of being a mum is something I can't even find words to explain.God has blessed me with 3 cute kids and I am so happy Lol...don't mind me  just love kids.
As a new mum, you need to be ready for the coming of your new baby having in mind that things will never be the same again,a lot of adjustments will be needed as soon as the baby arrives like bonding, breastfeeding, changing diapers and etc.

As soon as the baby arrives, he should be given to the mother so that she can touch and cuddle him and let him or her suck her bosom.
This simple procedure has been found to be important in letting the mother and baby interact or bond with each other as the case may be.The little baby and his parents should be given some time to enjoy each other and to celebrate the birth of the new born.

In my own opinion, this should be done immediately after the procedures of checking the baby fully, bathing and dressing him up. Mother to baby bonding in this way immediately after birth have been shown to influence mothering behaviour favourably for a long period of time'
It has also been found that the babys behaviour is favourably influenced by bonding. Babies who have had this contact with their mothers in the first few hours after birth show more affectionate behaviour such as smiling, laughing,responding and less crying at the age of two months than babies who were seperated from their mother at birth.

You and your baby have the right to interact immediately after birth unless there is a medical reason that you can't for example the baby having difficulties in breathing or premature or needs to be resuscitated and kept in  crib care nursery for some time to regain consciousness, even at that, there is need for mothers to visit their baby in the nursery to touch and bond with them.

Studies have shown that the relationship between parents and their babies are better when the baby arrives , if only they are given the opportunity to bond in those few early days after birth. If the couple experience labour and childbirth together and then learn about the newborn baby, the problems of failure to thrive,anxiety and even baby battering are reduced considerably.

Real bonding usually occurs when the mother and the father of the child have close contact with the baby.Although early contact between the baby and the parents are ideal, mothers who for various reasons are unable for this contact must not feel guilty or deprived as it is not essential for subsequent good parenting, provided the mother, father and baby can be in close contact in the first days after childbirth. 

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