A doctor checking a pregnant woman's blood pressure
Hypertension means high blood pressure, Hypertension in pregnancy is also known as pregnancy-induced hypertension, that is when a woman's blood pressure is higher than the normal for most women during pregnancy, it usually occurs between the ages of 30 years and above and about 6% of  the women within that age range do experience or tend to have it in pregnancy.It is also called pre -eclampsia in pregnancy.

Hypertension in pregnancy also affect 4% of multigravidae, but if detected and treated early, complications are avoided. If this disease progresses, protein may appear in the woman's urine which is why a urine specimen is tested at every antenatal visit. When this occurs the fetus is at risk of dying. Further progression of the disease may cause serious complications such as convulsions or fits and the baby might die.

This condition is called eclampsia, the expectant mother can understand why the doctors insist on regular antenatal visits, a lot of things are been looked out for like the blood pressure, oedema, urine examined for protein and sugar, checking of her weight and also not forgetting her blood percentage as earlier discussed here 

This will make her appreciate why she must follow the doctor's instructions strictly, she has a lot of things to also put in place to avoid being hypertensive, below are the things to watch while in this condition.

  1. Avoid the intake of caffeine and alcohol
  2. Reduce your salt intake
  3. Eat healthy diets 
  4. Little exercise like walking about 30 minutes a day will help too
  5. having adequate rest when needed.
  6. Drink a lot of water

Some doctors will not mind admitting any pregnant lady with HIP if the feel that is the best option for her at the moment even if she feels she is quite well. When admitted in the hospital she will be administered some drugs, the doctors and nurses will keep observing her blood pressure very closely.

The main aim of managing PIH is to control the height of blood pressure and make sure that the baby is growing and also the mother is in a healthy condition, if either or both aims fail to occur, the doctor has no choice than to induce the woman or carry out a caesarian operation to save both the mother and child from dying.

Chronic or essential hypertension is the other type of hypertension that affects about 3% of pregnant women. The name implies that doctors do not know the cause of the high blood pressure that occurs in early pregnancy or before the woman becomes pregnant.Women who have essential hypertension in pregnancy require special care and may have to spend some of the time in the hospital. This is because in 50 % of the women the blood pressure rises and in about 25%, protein appears in the urine.If this eventually happens the baby is at the risk of dying.

My little advice to all the pregnant women is that they should always try and keep healthy, never for once should you ever miss your antenatal appointment at the hospital, always take your vitals like the blood percentage test, urine test, sugar level test, weight and the blood pressure test every week you go for clinics, its a must you monitor your progress too and know if you and the baby are doing well or not, most importantly eat healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, proteins and less carbohydrate,drink lots of water and always exercise

Wishing all my pregnant readers a safe delivery.

Photo credit:americanpregnancy.org

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