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After going through the journey of pregnancy and the process of delivery successfully, another job  a mum encounters is having to successfully take care and also train that child along with her husband, to teach the child the basic things him or her should know about life in general.

After a birth of a child, a woman feels isolated, meaning that she realizes that she has to cope with mothering a tender baby, whose needs fills her time by day and also at night.

When i had my first daughter 4years ago it was really fun, i was very excited to have her with me but when i got home it dawned on me as a first time mum that i had to take full responsibility of the child, i had no choice than to brace up and face it, in no time you will be used to it and do all your dealings with the baby without fear of harming him or her Lol...

Even visitors who come to visit you will give you conflicting advice, and even if you seek medical help you often wait for hours before getting a five minuites consultaion but its still the best option due to human life is involved.

For first time mums the isolation and feeling of strain in trying to cope are intensified if her husband or partner isnt cooperating and leaves all the household task for her to carry out alone, and no one must have told her of all these but she just have to manage her time well.

As it used to be  before extended families can come and help you out, while waiting for your mum to come for the omugwo, omugwo means your mum, aunt, sister or friend coming to help you out with some chores after delivery so that you can rest a little.

At unprecdictable hours, baby cries for attention and wants to be fed or needs to be changed these are what you will pass through for the first few weeks after birth,But sometimes it is really difficult to distinguish between hunger, discomfort cry and cry to be cuddled to sleep so as a mum you need to be very sensitive to your babies needs, because that is your number one priority

Many babies cry a lot more than their mum expect especially at night because of this the new mum hardly sleeps and becomes increasingly exhausted, and this will keep her thinking if she can ever be the good mother the child deserves.

Most times new mothers due to the baby keeping her so busy she hardly have time to take care of the house chores and take care of herself, but the truth remains that for you to be ready to have a child called your own, you have to be physically, emotionally, financially stable to an extent to be able to take of a child properly.

Note that in the first few weeks you may have to feed your baby every two hours but as the baby grows older he or she will change pattern of feeding. Its not news that parents should always try to adjust and adapt well even before the baby arrives, in that way issues arising will be less.hat 

With proper timing and assistance from your husband or partner, everything will fall in place at the right time. But mean while, kindly take care of yourself and the baby,  and don't always forget to immunise them as at when due to avoid unwanted illneses.

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