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I was chatting with a good friend of mine and also a Pro blogger this evening when she asked me if I have weaned my baby I just went mute for real do you know why? Lol.. I totally forgot about weaning my son for now and to think that he is even a big boy! well, am not yet fully prepared for it, and my baby is already 15 months old, the reason why I haven't done so is that am not physically and mentally ready for it now unlike his siblings, I weaned them immediately they all clocked one year.

Weaning a baby simply means to stop him or her from breastfeeding or bosom feeding, this process can happen any time especially from ages 1 year and above, a mother is free to wean her baby at that age at least by then she must have successfully breastfed the baby exclusively for at least six months, I always recommended exclusive breastfeeding to first time mums because it's the best for all new born babies, I strongly agree that all mothers should exclusively breastfeed their babies for at least six complete before you can start introducing semi-solid foods to them, it's not an easy task at all,it involves both physical and mental stability.

A lot of children do not find this process funny or laughable due to the fact that they are already used to sucking from you, some kids can go as far as not eating anything for a whole day until he or she is been fed forcefully just like my daughter,That is why feeding time should be fun time to enable the baby to eat well.

For you to successfully wean your child as a mother, you need to be physically and mentally stable like I said earlier on, because it involves a lot of handwork, you need to have the mind to keep away from the child even while he or she is crying  and demanding to suck.

One thing is for sure, your bosom will surely hurt you so bad as soon as you start the process, you may find it hard to do anything for the first three days or one week during this weaning process, I advise you just take some painkillers and vitamin c and you are good to go.

Never try to go back and continue breastfeeding him or her once you make up your mind to stop, it's better you stop once and for all.

Always make sure that his or her food are always handy like tea, mashed potatoes, mashed beans, fruits and any other food items they might love. Latest within one week you and your baby will be fine.

Photo Credit: maternityandinfant.ie

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