My lovely people, I know the beautiful mummies in our midst will definitely love this topic.

Three weeks ago during a chat on a Whatsapp group that I belong, a lady told us how to use lemon to achieve the flat tummy that we actually desire. This is one of the major issues affecting women nowadays, especially every woman that has put to bed before...our question remains how do I get back my flat tummy and shape back?

Regular exercise works, but Lemon makes the whole process easier.

All the while I never had time to purchase the lemon not until on Saturday I went to the market close to where I live and found Lemons, I quickly bought two just for a test and went home.when I got home hubby was happy and he quickly helped to juice it out, guess what? it really tastes good....Lol
Below is the procedure on how to achieve flat tummy using Lemon.
Don't forget that lime and lemon are two different things but they both look alike, Lemon looks bigger, has a rough back and the outer part of it is greenish or yellowish in colour depending,but Lime is smaller, has smooth back and has a green back.I will advice you go to any local market close to you and ask them for it because it's very cheap in the market unlike the big stores where it is expensive and sold only in kgs(kilograms).


1 big sized Lemon and a cup of hot water.


Get your lemon, wash properly and then slice into two equal parts, drop one-half inside the fridge and then squeeze the other half into the cup of hot water, stir and drink. Repeat the process at night too before going to bed and first thing in the morning before eating.

Do it for complete one month and get back to me, don't forget to snap before and after picture for the challenge.Lol

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