After my research online I summoned up the courage to do coconut oil, I must tell you it's not an easy task but it's worth trying.

After doing my house chores I went to the market to purchase fresh coconuts, I bought like 10 big heads and headed straight home.When I got home I smashed the coconut on the floor to break it open because of its hard shell and open it up, you can drink the water, it's very nutritious and sweet. Fresh coconut water is believed to be one of the nature's energy drink and I love drinking it.

Then remove the flesh from the shell and cut into pieces but not too small and grate them with my handheld grater.

I added hot water and mixed it properly then I strained it using a fine white sieve, I made sure I added enough hot water to get all the milk from it,but don't add too much water else you will boil till infinity Lol so there you have your fresh coconut milk just like the one you buy from those big stores that are canned. The residue can be dried if you have a dryer and there you have your coconut flakes which can be used for coconut cake and it also tastes yummy.

Now that you have your coconut milk and at this point you can boil straight away or you just leave the milk for few hours. If you make the milk in the evening you can leave it overnight. Cover it to prevent particles falling into it. As it settles, the coconut milk and oil will separate and a layer of curd will appear on top....but I boiled mine immediately because I was so anxious to see the outcome. Lol

Boil the cream, stirring it constantly until the water dries off and the cream separates from the oil and turns brown.That brown substance is usually eaten by Akwa Ibom people and I heard they can do anything to have that brown substance because it tastes so good hmmm..even the back of the coconut is been used as firewood in the village while cooking and it burns very well too, so no part of coconut is indeed a waste.

Finally pour the oil into a clean white handkerchief and squeeze out as much oil as you can. there you have your Virgin coconut

Coconut oil can also be used for skin and hair care. I and my daughter use the oil as our hair cream then I apply it on them(my kids) as their body cream, and you need to see our hair and skin glittering *winks.

So beautiful people I hope you found this piece interesting? I will be waiting for your feedback on this topic, please try it out at home , just in case you are stuck at any point while trying it out , just stop by and drop your question I will gladly reply as soon as I can.I will post pictures later. Watch out for my next post.

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