Diarrhoea is when a child passes three or more stools in a day a child who passes several watery stools will lose plenty of water from his or her system,become dehydrated, weak and may even die if care is not taken but it's not our portion oh...

The child with diarrhoea who is dehydrated may have his eyeball socket going inside and dry lips, at this point the child needs plenty of water, fluids or oral rehydration salts and breast milk to restore lost fluids. It could be dangerous if the baby passes several stools within an hour or a trace of blood is been detected in the stool.

This illness is one of the worst to hit my  two boys when they were about nine to 12 months within that age most children normally starts crawling and picking all sorts of dirty things from the flour if the place is not kept clean at that particular point, and I must tell you that it wasn't funny at all.

When it happened to my first son, it was really terrible, it started immediately he came back from school,he was just stooling and vomiting until   I rushed him to the hospital , when I got to the hospital he was admitted immediately being that he was already weak, they later ran a test and the doctor confirmed that it was actually caused by infection due to things he picked from the flour.And since then I have learnt my lessons Lol.

 Here are some preventive measures to avoid this illness.

1) Always wash your hash your hands with soap before touching your baby.

2) Always wash your hands before preparing you baby's food.
3)Always keep the flour neat, try to always mop the house with disinfectants to avoid infection.
4)Always wash your hands after changing your baby's diaper.
5)Always wash your baby plates, spoons and cups and don't forget to also sterilize them with hot water only.(very important)

Home treatment of Diarrhoea

Preparing salt sugar solution.

1 level teaspoon of salt + 10 level teaspoons+ 35cl of water.

1) Begin appropriate home management of diarrhoea to prevent Dehydration.

2) Give the solution to the child and wait for few minutes and see if he will vomit it or not.
3)If the child is breastfeeding do not stop continue breastfeeding.
4)Do not keep the solution more than 24 hours after you have mixed it.

Common signs you should look out for

1)If baby is not is not able to drink the solution

2)If the baby looks very thirsty and weak but still can't drink the solution.

3)Passes blood in the stool.

4)Vomits blood

5)Develops fever and condition is getting worse.

If you see these signs, kindly rush the baby to a nearby hospital.

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